Land Art

Drawing with natural, found materials. Exploring ephemerality and questioning dichotomies including natural/artificial; human/natural; permanence/transience.

Burn Lesson 2 LR

Burn Lesson 19.12.2016

burning but emerging LR

Line, Burnt, Emergent 02.01.2017

Renewal Prayer Circle dust storm LR

Renewal Prayer Circle 23.12.2016

direct connection LR

Exploring Direct Forms of Connection // Communication 21.12.2016

quiet concentric context LR

Quiet Concentric 20.12.2016

sacred feminine traces LR

Sacred Feminine Traces 22.12.2016

reincarnation drive sunrise LR

Reincarnation Drive 20.12.2016

line plus year LR

Line Plus a Year and a Fire (Dec 2015- Dec 2016)


Line 31.12.2015


Balanced Collections 01.09.2016


Concentric Rings 24.03.2016


Emerging Line 23.09.2016


Emerging Line (detail)